Tell Me What You Want, And I Will Make It Happen Else Get Your Money Back And Also Kick My Ass 😜

Dear Friend,

I’m looking for my next “success story” client.

If you are that client, I would love to build an easy to execute plan for your online/offline business that will deliver smashing results and help you achieve your business goals.

If you answered yes to any of the above, this program is right for you

Answer This...

Let Me Tell You What This Program Is About

This program is designed to help you launch a new business or grow your existing business to amazing heights.

I will build a marketing plan and give it you for execution. I wil do all the heavy work and deliver a rock-solid plan for your business.

All you have to do is execute this plan and you will be good to go.

How Does It Work?

You will not believe how detailed and extensive this program is.

I will work on your business as if it were my own if I were to accept you in this program.

Step 1: Business Audit

The very first thing that you will do is fill out a simple questionaire telling me about your business, obstacles, and goals.

This will help me get a basic understanding of your business.

You will then schedule an onboarding call with me. We will audit your business together on this call.

We will discuss your business in detail. Every business is different and faces unique challenges. I need to speak with you and brainstorm strengths, challenges, and opportunities for your business.

We will end up filling the business audit worksheet. If you have the A! Marketing Plan this is the same audit sheet from that course.

Our end result will look something like this:

We will record this call and you will get a copy of it for your reference.

Step 2: Marketing Plan

Next, I get to work.

I will research and put together a detailed marketing plan.

I will research, plan, and puttogether a strategy to overcome your obstackes and achieve massive success fast.

I will give you multiple sales funnels for yur business that you can execute overtime and grow your business.

I will tell you product opportunities to scale business rapidly.

I will tell you how to get your first customer quickly.

I will give yu sales sales funnels to get consistent business and grow.

I will help you identify price and offers for your business.

I will tell you how to create your first product or a second product.

I will tell you how to create a high-value offer that sells.

In short, I will construct an entire business and sales plan for you that will look something like this:

You will also get an action plan from the A1 marketing plan so you know exactly what to do and in what order.

I will take the guesswork completely out so can work with clarity and confidence.

Step 3: Plan Of Action

You will get an email from me 7-10 days later to schedule a call with me.

I will go over the plan with you on this call.

I will explain every part of the plan in detail, so you have complete clarity and know what to do.

What Will You Achieve?

I am not God, so I cannot promise anything.

Plus, I do not know anything about your business, it’s obstacles, and your goals. So it is hard for me to say what you will achieve.

My goal will be to help you become a financially well off business with a massive growth potential.

I would likle to jumpstart your earnings so you can live well while growing business.

I would like to give you a clear direction and a path to walk with my action plan.

I would like to get you started immediately on the path to building your business, bank balance, freedom, and success.

Here are sample results that my clients and I get after building a similar plan.

You Could Get Results Like These

Examples Of Sales We Get Regularly

(See Dollar Value And Frequency)

We Are Booked For Months In Advance — Have To Turn Away Customers At Times 🙁— Even For $3,555.00-$200,000.00 Offers

Large Volume Of Sales Everyday

Sales on Demand

A Few Customers Are Enough To Make A Good Living

Automatic Sales And Bank Deposits Everyday

Customers Buy Multiple Products From Our Stores Everyday

Only 1% Dispute In 8 Years! We Don't Use Shady, Misleading Or High-Pressure Tactics

Customers Love Us And Even Send New Customers

How Much Does It Cost

If you are reading this page, you already know the importance of a good plan and the damage you suffer from lack of it.

You can go years before you can discover the right blueprint for your business.

Or hire an expert like me who has worked with all kinds of business to put you on the fast track to success.

Normally, I charge $9,997 plus 1% of profits for this.

My clients usually are top earners and this money is a joke for them.

But I know that you are starting out so you cannot afford this.

And so I am going to charge you an amount that is unbelievable.

I will do all of this work with you for just $297 and an honest and unbiased video review.

Yes, I will make you a deal because I am trying to make a name for me in this market so I can help millions of people struggling.

So this is the best deal you will ever get in your life. Consider yourself lucky and fate on your side for this opportunity.

Limited Spots

Now I know marketers usually add urgency at this point by saying that this deal will not be avialable forever so take advantage right now.

But let me ask you, do you really think I can make this deal available for ever?

Do you think I can put in this much work for just $297?

Do you think I can sustain with this kind of pricing?

No, I cannot.

So yes, this deal will not stay forever.

I don’t know how you found this page and when you found this page.

If you did, take action right now or pay 10X20 times more later.

6-Month Ass Kicking Guarantee

To prove you my commitment to help you, I will give you 6 months to apply and test this plan at no risk.

I want you to be at total ease and feel comfortable using your money knowing that you will earn it back or get a refund. This way you are using your money to make a safe investment and not wasting it.

I want to grow your bank account not reduce it.

I will let you set up an additional call with me during these 6 months if you have questions or need a little bit of tweaking which you should not because that is why we do our second call.

But because I want you to succeed and maybe things change and you need some tweaking so this call will help.

And if you still find this plan not the best thing that ever happened to you, I will refund every single penny.

I do not want your money unless I can make you money.

So Why Am I Doing This?

Let us get this out of the way, I am not doing you any favor. I am a coach and this is my business. I am doing this for the following reasons

First, I really enjoy building marketing campaigns for people. This is my passion and I feel really happy when I see that someone is succeeding because of my business plan. So even if you do not hire me, I will be proud that I was able to help you. It will give me bragging rights  Most importantly you will tell more people about me and I will get more business and exposure that way.

Second , this is my work, so the more business plans I make the more my brain runs and the more money I am able to make myself and for my clients.

Third, even if you do not hire me now, when your business starts to grow, you will have no choice but to keep coming back to me to help you take to the next level and the next level.

I understand that business relations last a life time. If you benefit from me why would you now want to do more work with me.

But most probably you will see the value in working with me when you get your sales and marketing plan and would want to hire and work with me.

In this case I might take you in as my client and work with you. The fee for the program is $1,782 which is nothing compared to how much you will make. But I also know that you are a new business who is struggling to make money so I want to make it as easy as I can for you take advantage of this opportunity.

And therefore I will have you pay me $495 upfront. I will even apply the $99 you paid me for making your 5X campaign to your future training to make it even easier for you. You will then pay the balance in 12 monthly payment of $99 each month for the next 12 months.

Who Else Will Do This For You – No One!

You will never find a better opportunity than this. I wish someone offered me this when I was starting. And this should tell you that more than money, I am really focused on helping you.

And I promise you, there is no other coach of my caliber out there who would even talk to you for this little money.

And if you pass this offer right now, I promise this will be one of the biggest regrets of your life.

My Stuff Works

Anyway - As You Can Imagine, I'll Get A LOT Of Interest From This Letter. And That's Why I Need You To Read This Next Part Carefully:

First, let me tell you that I cannot help everyone. There are only a few kind of people I can help:

If you meet these criteria’s then I want to hear from you. I want to talk to you and I want to help you become a huge success. If that is you…

This is What I Want You To Do Next:

I want you to sign up to have me build a business plan for you using my 5X (SPG) formula. Don’t worry you are not making any big commitment.

All you have to do is pay $99 to sign up and have me draw the plan. And even though your $99 is nothing for me, I want to make sure I am dealing with people who are serious and have the potential to become my future clients. Plus it helps me cover my cost to do research and build your plan.

This $99 is nonrefundable. If you are someone who has to think twice to spend $99 to have me build your marketing campaign you are clearly not the kind of person who is right for this program. And so you should not sign up.

Once you sign up, you will get an email from my team members within 24 hours. This email will have a link to schedule an appointment with me and to fill a form online where you tell me about your business.

We then then get on the call and discuss your business growth strategies.

We will then decide on the date for our next call. I will send you your business, sales, marketing and profit plan before this call.

On this next call, I will explain all the steps to you to accelerate your business. At the end of the call you will have the option to sign up with me as my client and have me and my team build your marketing campaign for you.


Even though I am going to help 100 clients in the next year, I can only take so many clients each month because I need time for my other ventures that are my main money making businesses. 

If you wait too long you may have to wait months before you get an appointment with me. And who knows that I may already be sold out since it is just 100 spots. 

So if you are serious, I recommend you click on the link below and sign up right away so you do not miss your chance to make money with me:


Talk soon, 

Magic Leone