Yes, You Can Be Rich Book Is A 7 week Action Plan To get rich by working less than an hour a day from your phone or laptop

(no money, education or college or special skills needed) Get out of debt, generate money and get wealthy as I did. Do it all on automation so you have free time to enjoy your life and money doing things you want with your loved ones

This is the best and life-altering money education you will ever receive!

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Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hi, I’m Magic Leone. I started as a poor immigrant from India with no money, no friends or family, no education and no skills. In just a few years I went from being completely broke to becoming a millionaire working less than an hour a day and while traveling the world. In this book, I am sharing the steps I took to change my financial situation so you can learn from my journey and build an ideal lifestyle for yourself.

My hot-selling book Yes, I Can Make You Rich gives you an insight into how I became successful along with an action plan to get rich using simple technology like your phone or laptop. This book will save you the trouble of buying books, expensive seminars, and coaching that rarely brings results and waste your time.

I am giving this to you for FREE because I know that this book will be an eye-opener for you. Right now you don’t know me and have no reason to invest in learning from me. But once you go through this book, you will learn simple and easy to execute money making strategies that you won’t learn even if you went to Harvard or Stanford. Once you discover my strategies that can change your financial situation for good, you will want to learn more from me and it will be a win for both of us. So I am simply offering you this book as a bribe to get a taste of what I can do for you.

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What Will You Learn From This Book?

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Yes, You Can Be Rich is about discovering strategies of modern wealth creators and getting to a point where one makes enough money so they can live their life the way they want and on their terms.

This book is about giving you the specific breakdown on how I made my Big Money working part time from my laptop and how you can do the same for you if you want.

Find out:

How to set up a long-term income stream

without any money and in a manner that requires barely an hour a day. You can put in more hours and make it full time once you feel confident but you will never have to work more than a few hours a day even when you make it your full-time income. This is the right way to make money and enjoy your life.

How to get out of debt and become rich

with a business from your laptop or phone. In this book I will share my strategy on how I got out of $65,000 without defaulting, reducing my debt or giving up on my lifestyle. Most people don’t know how to make their money work for them and you will learn it in this book

Why you have not been able to make money.

You will discover the #1 reason why most people are not able to make money and just doing one thing that will change your money situation instantly. 

Why an extra income stream is a must

even if you are making good money now. Hint with inflation, what you make today will not be enough to live good 10-20 years from now. This book will teach you a simple strategy to ensure you can live a good life despite rising costs and less income. By good life I mean living your dream life in your dream house, with exotic cars, the first-class world travels, and solid cash flow to spend.

Discover the false believes keeping you poor.

Less than 1% of people discover these in their lifetime. Change your money future by changing these important mindsets of the rich and successful. No, they are not the same old rehashed lines from motivation gurus. I picked these from my friends who are multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Why working hard is not the key to financial success

Anyone who says you need to work 7-8 hours a day is either taking advantage of you or is a fool you need to avoid. Do you think top entrepreneur and business leaders work hard? No, they work smart. They have a team of people who work hard for them. In this book, you learn how to use simple resources and people in your life to make money for you while you are traveling, partying or spending time with friends and family

Why it is important to free up your time and have someone earn you money.

If your earnings depend on your availability you’ll never be able to scale. But if there are 10 people making you $10 a day each you are making $3,000 without working yourself. Is it really possible to create such a set up with no or very little money in your pocket? You will find out how to make it happen when you read this book.

This book is not about "get rich quick scheme"

risky investments, MLM, affiliate marketing and other shady crap. You will learn a legitimate, reliable, stable and risk-free way to make and grow money with little time and financial commitment. You are learning a skill to create long-term income streams that function independently of you.

How to set up an income stream even if you have no clue where to start

I will give you a step by step system to start an income stream that will put extra money in your pocket every month without much involvement from you.

No Credit Card Needed!

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No Credit Card Needed!

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