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0:00: Welcome, everyone. Today I want to talk about niche research. What is a niche? Generally, a niche is a subset of a big industry. Let’s say you’re in the health industry. The health industry has many small niches. It could be fitness. It could be nutrition. It could be gyms. A lot of little, small industries under a broad category. Those little small industries are called niches. For our purposes, we’re going to speak about niche loosely. For us, niche is basically a particular field that we will be interested in to grow our business and to start our business. For our purposes, when we do niche research, we’re only concerned with three things. We just want to know the broad topic of the industry that we’re interested in. So maybe you’re someone who is interested in health care, maybe you’re interested in fat loss. Maybe you’re interested in real estate. Whatever it is, so that whatever your particular interested in is what we’ll call niche for our purposes.

1:00: And then the next thing you want to know is if there is a subsection. So let’s just say if you are in fitness, or if you’re in weight loss, you want to know, do you want to try to go for weight loss using pills? Do you want to go for weight loss using kettle bells. You know, do you want to create a gym system? What is it, what is the particular subset that you want to create within that industry. And the last thing that we need to know is, is it scale-able? We need to make sure that there is enough demand for it, that there are enough people already selling it, and that there are enough people who want to buy it. So, asking these three things, we know what we want to do is good, that we can make money out of that, and that’s all we care about. When it comes to niche, I don’t spend too much time, and I’m going to tell you the same thing. That you shouldn’t waste too much time on it either. I know there are a lot of people who will tell you that you must spend a lot of time and days and weeks on research. And I tell you, none of that matters. The most important thing that you need to know is, is there enough demand for it? And is there something that you can scale and make profit from? If that’s there, then it doesn’t matter.

2:00: You don’t need to go and go and do, you know. What are they key words? What are the people doing? None of that stuff is important at this stage. At this stage, all you need to know is, is this an industry you should step in? Can you make money in this? And as long as you can, you’r egood to go. Basically, there are four things that I want to find with my research. The very first thing that I want to know is: what is selling, and for how much? So, when I start doing research, let’s just say once again I’ll take the fitness example: Let’s just say I want to create a gym system. I just want to go and see, what is the average price for the gym system? What are people selling this for? And is it even selling? Are a lot of people selling? Is there a lot of competition? Are there a lot of ads running for that? And if I see that there is enough demand for selling and for the price range, it gives me an idea if this is an industry I should go into or not, if I’m going to make money there or not. Then I need to find out what is the pitch, or what is the angle that they’re using? So again, like I said, for weight loss maybe at least if I find out that the pills are working better than a gym system, maybe the lazy workout systems are better than a committed 90-day system.

3:00: I want to find out, what is that angle? What is the pitch that is popular these days? So whatever I’m creating, wherever I start, is something that people want today and not later. Something I’ll tell you that’s very interesting about Internet marketing and all marketing in general, things go by teams. There are things that are popular. So for this year, people want to do this natural style of fitness, and that might be very popular. But just because it’s popular today doesn’t mean it’s going to stay popular for the next 10 years. And that’s one of the things the people don’t realize: they take a product which was popular before, or maybe a product which is not ready to be popular yet. Maybe it’ll be popular 10 years from now. And then they take it to the market, and they hardcore try to market it, and it just doesn’t go anywhere. I’ll give an example, if you know about pagers, right? Pagers were a communication tool people used to send messages. You could call, send your message, and relay it to a little device that people had. And I’m saying this for people who are too young and have never heard of pagers.

4:00: When pagers were first introduced in the early 80s, they completely failed because the market was not ready for them at the time. Then it was re-introduced in the 90s, and now the market was ready for the technology, and they became very popular. Sometimes that’s what’s really important: to know what is the current thing, especially if you’re starting a new business, or even if you’re an existing business. Maybe you’re trying to sell a product that’s not in demand right now. So that’s apart from the research we need to find out what are the current trends, what are the things that are selling now, so whatever we create is what people want today. And then next year if this phase dies then you change your product, make some changes to it, or create a new product to match the theme that’s in demand. This way you’re guaranteed that you’re always going to keep making money, and you’re not selling the same old product that’s run out of field and out of demand. The next thing I want to know is, I want to figure out if there is a way I can get a competitive advantage, some kind of edge, if I can. It’s not necessary. The thing is, if you have some sort of competitive advantage, if you have a unique niche, then you can dominate the market easily because you’re the king.

5:00: If you don’t have it, then you’re competing. A perfect example is the iPhone. iPhone came in the cell phone market, and it was the first smart phone, so it just dominated the mobile phone world. Even now there are so many different phones, like from Google, from Samsung, from everybody, Nokia, everybody has smartphones. But when it comes to popularity, when it comes to the branding, we still think of. Any time we think of smartphones the first thing we think of is iPhone because iPhone was the leader. So if there is something that you can do within your industry that gives you an advantage, right. So for me, for example, when I was in the dating industry, my angle was I’m the Indian guy with the thick accent. I wasn’t born in this country, and I was able to succeed here, so obviously what I know works for everyone. Like that was the kind of thing I was saying. Everybody has an angle, something that gives you an advantage over your competitors. Is there something you can find? And the next thing I want to do is, can I 5X it? That’s the most important thing, right? Everything we are doing here is because we want to make more money.

6:00: So I want to know, is this something that I can scale? Is this something that will have demand for a long time? You know how I was saying before that there are shifts in the trends? So somebody wants something today that may not be popular tomorrow. I’m less concerned about that particular product, and more concerned about the theme, right? So when it comes to, for example, fitness: as long as human beings are there, we know people would want fitness. So t hey might want a gym system today. They may move to protein shakes tomorrow. Then they may move to some pills tomorrow, but that industry will still exist. So as long as I bury my business within that industry, I may have to make changes to the product, but I know that as long as I’m in the industry I can scale my business really high. An example would be, let’s say, if you’re in the gaming industry, maybe today you own a console and that console might completely die. Nintendo would be an example. If you started on Nintendo and you were making Super Mario kind of things, then Nintendo’s out, and if your business was based around Nintendo, then you know you won’t survive.

7:00: Now tons of those things are unpredictable. Obviously you can’t predict, but we just want to get a little sense that if I go into this can I scale or not? I cannot give an example, but my dating industry. The dating industry is very hard to scale, especially if you’re in that seduction niche, because it’s so hard. You have a lot of disadvantages. Advertising is very hard. People don’t want to share your content because most people don’t want to go out and admit that they were taking dating lessons, especially for men. Women don’t mind sharing these things, because women love talking about like, oh, I got this new dating lesson! It’s really cool! But for men it’s a very embarrassing thing, because men don’t like to talk about that. A few things you have to know, that if you can scale it or not, if you can make it 5X or not. So as long as you know these four things: what is selling, how much is it selling for, what is the pitch or angle, what’s popular today? What are the trends today? Can I get a competitive advantage? And then can I scale it, can I 5X it? As long as you know these four things, you have your solid research to start your business.

8:00 Just going to the mesh, there are basically four categories which dominate 80-90% of business, which is health, wealth, relationships, and hobbies. Almost everyone who’s making money, almost everyone I know who has made millions of dollars is in one of these industries. And I would say I’ve positioned these actually in series because I feel health and wealth supercede relationships, and relationships supercede hobbies. This is my personal experience. It’s not to say that you can’t make money in one or the other. I made millions of dollars in the relationships niche, but I still know that the amount of work I put in the relationship niche, if I were to put that in health or wealth, I would have made ten times more money. It’s not that you can’t make money in any of these. In any of these four you’re going to make money, but I’m just saying from my personal experience I find that health and wealth, it’s much easier to make money, much easier to scale than relationships. As long as you’re in one of these four, you’re good.

9:00: You have a business, you’re in an industry you that you can scale to 5X your income, to make millions of dollars. When it comes to niches, there are usually six resources that I use to narrow down my search, narrow down and reach a conclusion and say, that’s the niche that I want to work on. One is Internet retailers. I would go to Clickbank or Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, or all of them to research what’s selling, what’s popular today. Then I will also look at Google trends. What are the trends? How are the trends? Are the trends going up, are the trends going down? What’s going on here? Then of course I want to go on Google and I want to type just forums, so let’s say if I’m into gardening I’m just going to go and type gardening forum and see how many people are in these forums. And if activity is happening around the topic that I’m interesting. If there are a lot of forums, and there are a lot of people, then I know this is an industry with a lot of active people, and I know I can sell and I can make money. In the Facebook groups that are selling, it’s a great place to research.

10:00 And as we go further I’m going to show you how I use all of them. I’m even going to do a whole demo search for you so you can see how to do it in real time. I can Facebook groups, you can go see how many groups are there, how many people are active, what kind of things people are writing. It gives you an idea even about the content, what people are looking for. An Adword key tool I usually use it mostly to find out competition, like how many poeple are advertising, how competitive it is. The more competiive a niche is, the more you know it’s in demand, the more people want to buy it. A lot of the time people will tell you that you should walk away from competition and try to find a niche which has less competition because you can make more money. I think both are right and both are wrong. I’m one of those, I feel like if you have a great product, do everything, you know? Why be afraid of competition? Whatever competitors are doing, model after that and then compete with them. There is nothing wrong with that. Find your own angles. See, this is who I am. You can never tell me that I’ll be number 2. That just doesn’t work for me.

11:00: But the minute you tell me that this is something you shouldn’t do, you bet your ass I’m going to do that, because I’m one of those who says if you can do it, I can do it ten times better than you. That’s just my attitude, so you can’t put me down. At the same time I also feel there is no shame, or why not take advantage if you can find an area which is less competitive, and you can, say, make some easy money in that. Why the hell not? So, those are all business strategies, but that’s why I go to Adwords to get a sense of what’s selling, like how many people are competing for it, so it gives me a sense on the strength of the industry. And then gut feeling. I tell you, this is a very, very strong one. I know most peoploe will tell you you should be all numbers and stats and I tell you nothing beats gut feeling. In my life there have been so many times that I’ve looked at numbers, I’ve looked at things, and I’ve followed my gut feeling and my gut feeling has always worked in my favor. When I tell you your gut feeling, most people think that gut feeling is something, a blindness. It’s actually not. Gut feeling usually comes from a sum of experiences that you’re not able to vocalize right now.

12:00: A gut feeling is not just somethign that comes from nowhere. It’s not just like some guesswork. It’s something we have seen over the years that maybe you might not have consciously processed, or you might not have been able to process it in a manner that we can vocalize it now. But there is a lot of data stored in our brain, and sometimes we look at something and our brain, the processes in our brain are so fast that they process the information and tell you I have a bad feeling about this. Why? You don’t know, because like I said, the data. We are not able to interpret that data, but that data is giving us that calculation. So I always tell you, of all the things, the number one thing that you should really focus on is your gut feeling. Gut feeling is the number one thing that will bring you business, that will help you scale your business. And as we go forward, like I said, in the end I’m going to do a whole demo for you. I’m going to do the whole niche research for you so you can see. I just wanted to give you all these pieces right now, then we can go and do our research. And then testing your niche. Basically, there are four things that I do or I reccommend people to do. So let’s say you have an idea now.

13:00: You want to be a, you want to create a new dog collar, I don’t know. It’s a dog collar that’s some nice scent or whatever it is, right? So now what you can do is you can go in a Facebook group and see if people are talking about that, or you can start a conversation about it. You can join the group and start a conversation around that and gauge the responses from people, see how many people interact with that, see if people like the idea, dislike the idea. It starts to help you understand your niche. It starts to help you understand how you can make your niche better, what could be the pitfall, what could be the objection. It gives you a lot of data that now you can use to create a product and to create your sales offer, because now you’re talking directly to people who are involved in that niche, right? And then the next thing you could do is you could create an opt-in page. So you could just test whatever your offer is. Again, you want to create a dog caller which has, I don’t know, rose perfume to it, and you’re wondering if people care about something like that. You create an opt-in form, just a landing page where there’s the headline, a sign-up form.

14:00: Put your headline to say new dog collar with nice rose scent, one dollar, or five dollars. Or coming soon, if you’re interested fill in the forms. We’ll keep you updated. Large companies do this. They will put a sign, put a page where they’ll say, this is our offer. The product will be coming in two months from now. If you’re interested get on the waiting list. And then see how many people get on the wait list. The more people sign up to get on the wait list, will give you an idea of how many people are interested in something like this. You create a page, then go to Facebook, spend fifty or a hundred bucks, see how many people come to your page, and you will instantly know how many people are interested. Plus, if you see a lot of people coming and leaving their email, you also have a list of people that you know are interested in your product. They want to buy it. Then you can instantly shoot them a message. Sometimes I’ve done this also in the past for some of my clents, I’ve told them to go and contact a few people on Instagram or Facebook and just send them a message and say this is what I’m thinking. What do you think? Can you help me? So let’s say you’re a dog fan, right?

15:00: Go and find a few dog fans and say, hey, I’m trying making this dog collar and I just wanted to get your feedback, because I see that you’re a dog lover. I’m curious what you think of this product. Is there something I can do to make it better? Is there something I could do that coudl help you? And again you can get a lot of information about that. The third thing that you can do is you can send a survey. This works most if you already have a list, so if you’re already running a business and you have a list of buyers or list of people who have already subscribed to you, or. Now you want to figure out what is the next thing that I should make. This is one of the fastest ways to make money, by the way. If you’re ever in a cash crunch, if you want to raise some money fast, just send an email to your list and say hey, I’m making a new product next week. I’m curious, what would you like me to create a product about? What would you like me to talk about? They’ll give you all the bullet points. They’ll tell they want to learn, create a product around that, and then just send it to them and say look. Have the product that covers all of these things, and they will buy because that’s for they want to learn. And also the same thing if you already have a product idea.

16:00: Put it out. Put a survey and say this is my product, this is what I’m talking. What do you think about that. What should I add, what should I subtract? And I’ll say once again you’ll know that what you’re creating if people want it or not. This last one is a way that you can also make money to find out. So let’s say you’re someone, you don’t even know what industry you want to go into, and you’re thinking that, oh, I don’t know. I want to sell some kind of furniture polish, or I want to send flowers. I want to sell flowers online and whatnot. Go and find a competitor who has an affiliate offer, then create a landing page, an opt-in page for yourself. Have a nice headline to say rose delivery, this and this. Get my ten tips to keep your flowers sustained, whatever it is. Make a headline, then have them subscribe to your list. As soon as they subscribe, after they hit the submit button, that page redirects to the landing page, to the sales page of your competitor, with your affiliate link. What happens is, let’s say I go to Facebook, I spend fifty dollars on someone who wants to buy flowers.

17:00: They come to my page and I make them first fill in the form. As soon as they fill in the form, I redirect them to the landing page where my competitor is selling flowers, but I’m using my affiliate link so when this person makes a purchase I get commission on that. So now what it does, it does two or three things for you. One, you get the idea that if I were to spend fifty dollars, how many people would be interested in giving me their email, and of that how many people bought. So it gives you an idea. You start to collect data, you start to collect numbers on the strength of your industry, how many people are buying. At the same time you’re also starting to make a list of people, so everybody who was subscribing are people who are already interested in this niche. You’re already starting to build a list of people who you can sell to later on, and you’re actually making money while doing that, so I think that’s really good because now you’re testing offers. You’re taking someone, bringing them to you, collecting their email, then sending them somewhere and making money on that. At the same time what it’s also doing is it’s also telling you if your competitor’s offer is good or bad.

18:00: What you could also do is let’s say you start sending them to competitor A, and it’s not converting very good. Of course, you can try to make a few changes on your offer, on your landing page to see if that can help conversions, or you can also test competitor B to see maybe his offer looks best. Now what happens is you’re really testing your competitor’s offer to know which one works best with your style of ads, and you get so much data that once you have all of these things, you know for sure that all you have to do is build an offer like your competitor and you already have a list of people who want to buy. So at somebody else’s cost you’re building your list, and I think that’s a really great way of testing your niche. Once you have this it’s all about choosing a topic. You know the niche, you know the industry you want to be in. Now it’s just choosing a topic, and these are the five things that I basically do whenever it comes to choosing a topic. The first thing is, I always said you should always choose something that you’re passionate about. It should be something that you can talk about day in and day out.

19:00: If it’s something that you can’t stop talking about, you know you would be very good at selling that product, because that’s something you care about. If you don’t care about something, you can of course be a businessman and do that, but I find that if you’re not interested in something, we do things halfheartedly. But if you’re excited, we also want to learn about it. We want to show our expertise in it. We want to discover new things about it, and we can do much more, and that gives you an edge. I think there was this thing with me when I started my dating offer. I was so excited because I struggled with it for most of my life, and then I became very good with that, and I was helping other people. I wanted to show off a little bit of my skills. I wanted to help other people and show how amazing of a coach I was. I enjoyed all the elements that came with it. I loved Photoshop and designing, so I was very happy to sit there and design new pages and create new pages. I was spending a lot of time. So every aspect of this business was something I was very excited about. And even my friends circle, when I would meet someone, I was always so fascinated. I still am very fascinated by human behavior and relationships and dating. Any time I would meet someone I’m always talking about the love life, the dating life, or what’s going on, or my experience, their experience.

20:00: It was something I was super excited about, so the business was only natural for me. I could talk about it for hours. If I had to create a YouTube video it was never a problem. If I had to create an article, no problem. To create a product, no problem, because I’m all about it. Find the topic that you’re really passionate about and business will become very natural and easy for you. You know? Or it could be something that you’re an expert at, or maybe you would like to be an expert at. It’s something that maybe you already are good at, and since I do this, I’m doing this so many times that I can teach this. Maybe you are a karate black belt, so you think there is no problem. It’s easy for me to teach karate. And then take that and start teaching that. Or maybe you’re not that yet, so you want to be in there, in the industry so you can learn. One of the things people often ask me is what if I’m not an expert? How can I start an industry? How can I start making money if I’m not even an expert? And I say you don’t have to be an expert. You can start a forum and monetize it. Monetizing means you can start a forum and then you either have some advertisements there for affiliate products.

21:00: You can build a list of people who are coming there and are all discussing with each other. We’re sharing that information. Sharing what we learned, what we would like to learn, what our challenges are. To these people you can promote some offers because they’re already in the forum, you have their email list, and you can say hey, I just found this magic product. It’s really good. You should go and check it out, and then buy my product, and then get that commission, right? Or it could be like you’re on your forum with this traffic. You’re going to put Google AdSense or some other advertisements so that every time people click you’re making money. You’re now involved in something, you’ll be actively engaged, you’ll be writing new articles, you’ll be writing new posts, you’ll build up a community because you’re learning, they’re learning. You’re willing to talk about that, and in the process you’re making money. A lot of people who write blogs basically are at that stage. A lot of people want to learn something so they start a blog around that, they think that’s the fastest way to learn, that’s the fastest way to meet all the gurus, interview them, get their secrets. Then they share that and they make money off of that. You could also be something you’ve already gotten paid for, right? So maybe you were doing something already that was part of your job.

22:00: You were getting paid for that already. Maybe somebody is giving you some money and saying hey, I’ll give you this ten dollars, can you help me, show me this thing, or do this for me one time? Maybe you tutored someone for their schoolwork or something, and so now you’re starting a website where you’re going to tutor people online all the time. Whatever it is. Maybe you’ve already gotten paid so you know that since you’ve gotten paid before, people value your skill. Now you can do that again and have more people interested in that. And finally, it has to be something that people want, right? Yes, it’s good that it’s something you’re passionate about, it’s something you’re an expert at. Something you would like to be an expert at, or something you’ve gotten paid for, or maybe something you’re struggling with. But the bottom line is it has to be something that people want, and that’s how you reach the topic. For example, I could say, you know what? I’ve been doing internet marketing and I’ve made a lot of money in Internet marketing. So now I can say, okay, I’ve been an expert at that. I have done this in the past.

23:00: And I’m also passionate about that. So I already have those three things. Based on my research, I find out that Internet marketing is popular or if people want to learn how to make money from home. I can say, okay, Internet marketing how to make money from home could be my niche. For example, for my angle in this one, it really is to help people build business ground-up. What I found in general with Internet marketing is that most gurus, they only teach you when you’re at a certain level. When I was starting my business, my dating business 8 or 10 years back. I didn’t know how to start, I didn’t know anything about Internet marketing, so I would go to all these gurus and say hey man, here. Take my money. Teach me how to build traffic, how to make money, how to make my business profitable. Everybody said sorry, I can’t help you. If you’re already making 5 or 10 thousand dollars, then I can help you scale it, but I can’t start. Or there were gurus who were like, oh, dating is so hard, you know? You can’t advertise, you cannot do anything, so we cannot touch it. In most industries you will find out very soon that the majority of people who are big name gurus.

24:00: They only want to help people who already have a successful business, and it never made sense to me because I was like. If I’m making $10,000 a month already, why would they come to you? I need to know how to go from zero to 10,000. If you can do that you’re of no help to me, you know? So I had to learn that on my own. And now that I’ve become successful, I’ve done this dating for a long time, I recognize that one, I’m going to teach these people because there is a big, big hole here. Nobody’s teaching people how to go from zero to 10,000, so I’m not going to go after people who are already successful. I’m going to go after someone who doesn’t even have a website, or has a website that they’vbe been trying to sell but haven’t made any money. That gave me my unique angle, my unique advantage to say hey, I’m doing to teach you. Second thing, most people who are in the business industry, these are the people who are making money selling you information on how to make money. These people have never had a real part in their lives. If you go and look at all these gurus who give how to grow your business advice, sales funnels and this and that. The only thing they have ever sold in their life is to someone who wants to buy business advice.

25:00: But they’ve never had a real product of their own, and that’s the big difference. The things that I’m teaching here are the things that I used in a different industry and made it successful. Then I used it on different clients and made it successful for them. That was my second advantage that I found, it’s like. I’m not just selling you how to grow your business. I’m selling you advice that I’ve used to grow my own business, and that really stands me apart from other gurus because they’re only selling you information on how to grow business, but they’ve never applied it to anything else outside of this niche. I’ve actually used it in other industries, applied it to another industry. And that’s helped me grow. That’s how I found my angle. My whole marketing you will see everywhere is around these two things. How to go from zero to 5X if you have no success, as opposed from going from 5X to 10X. That’s why I’m doing this because 5X? How do I take you from no money in your pocket to making $10,000 a month. The second thing is I’m going to teach you things that I’ve applied in different industries.

26:00: I’m not going to teach you things that only works in the IM industry, and that’s the second big advantage because what I’ve applied already in other industries I know works, and so now when I give it to you I know it will work for you. Whereas the other gurus where they teach you something that works only in the IM industry. They have never tested that on any other industry, and that’s the difference. I have done weight loss, I have done fitness, I have done cryptocurrencies. I have done so many niches, and I’ve made money in so many different niches, and that’s why I know that everything that I’ve done works, and now I’m going to bring it here. Plus, I’ve sold workshops in other industries outside of Internet marketing, outside of the belt. I’ve sold workshops. My dating workshops were always tied from $35,000 and went up to $200,000. I was the only coach that I know in the United States who has ever charged clients $200,000 in the dating industry for a year. It’s unheard of. But that’s what I mean. These are my advantages, and that’s how I go with the research to say these are the things that I’m passionate about. This is what I’m an expert at.

27:00: This is something that people have paid me for. This is something I can help people with. It’s something I can scale, and it also has given me two or three unique advantages so I know that my offer will be great. I can position myself great. Now I know I can go full-force with it. All of this research will take you at the most like one hour. In one hour you can have a solid research that you can take and run with. You can find a winning niche. You can find a winning, 5X niche pretty much that you can go and scale your business with. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go and show you how I start from scratch and how I go all the way until I make a decision what my niche will be and what my topic will be, so let’s get started with that.[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”Live Niche Research Demonstration”][vc_column_text]

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