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What Is A1 Coaching Plan How Can It Help

A1 Coaching Plan is a 6-step blueprint I used to become the highest-earning coach starting from scratch with no experience or money.

You can use this plan to build a high-income generating and even a 7-figure coaching, consulting, training, freelance, or any other expert business.

The plan will give you all the steps to launch and scale your business. You will never be confused or need help to figure out what to do next. The plan will give you a clear strategy and fill all the gaps.

You can use this to launch a new business or scale an existing one. You can use this to become a legend in your business that commands respect from clients, peers, and even family.

It will help you get high-paying clients without making any effort to sell.

You will build an army of super fans who consume everything you produce and promote you everywhere.

In short, this is the plan you need to build a legendary, profitable, high-status business and achieve the success you dream and deserve.

This plan made me the highest-earning coach in my industry despite the odds against me.

Clients regularly pay me between $3,555 – $219,500. They have financed my vacations, education, vehicles, and even my luxurious Miami Beach apartment.

I have been interviewed by major media outlets like BBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, and more. I am about to be interviewed by Forbes, and they are even writing a movie script based on my success.

Get this plan if:

If you are a thought leader, coach, consultant, agency, freelancer, or content expert struggling to launch or scale your business, get this plan.

You will learn how to position yourself as an industry leader, attract high-paying clients and retain them, create top-level courses and training that go viral, create sales funnels and offers that bring automatic sales, and scale your profits and grow your business.

You will learn how to become a prominent player in your field who is sought out by customers and has a loyal following of fans. You will also learn how to turn your business into a financial success so you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work and talent.

Friends and family used to laugh at me and think of my business as a hobby. I was constantly made fun of and told to get a job or do "real" business.

I was a great coach but struggled to make space for myself in the industry.

Clients and competitors did not take me seriously.

This plan changed everything for me.

It made me a financial success.

But most importantly, it earned me the respect of my friends, family, clients, and competitors.

Those who laughed at me, now talk about me with pride.

Many hired me for my expertise and some even started a business similar to mine hoping to replicate my success.

In short, this plan will show you how to build a high-earning, respected, and authoritative – coaching, consulting, or expert business – just like I did.

Let me show you how these tactics can transform your business…

Step 1:

Super Identity For a 7-Figure Business

Do you wish to become a big name in your industry? Become the expert that everyone buys products and learns from? Do you want an army of loyal followers who follow and promote you?

You have to create a super identity. This is the strategy to make you the most desired person in the niche so clients and affiliates seek you out because you are the king of the niche.

Super identity is the framework upon which top-performing 7-figure coaching businesses are built.

Clients, experts, media, and everyone else that matters to your business are drawn to your super identity and not your brand, products, marketing, or content.

Super identity will give you the expert and authoritative status overnight. It will make you the big player in the industry with a distinct voice. It will take you from being unknown to becoming a big-name super-fast.

This is when you will enjoy running your expert business as a superstar.

Missing this crucial building block kept me broke, poor, and struggling despite being great at what I do.

99% of clients I work with have no concept of super identity-driven businesses or have a really poor model. No wonder they struggle to launch or grow.

You need to develop or redevelop a super identity framework to run your business if any of this applies to you:

Drop everything else and get this piece of the puzzle in place. The rest of the puzzle will fall into place automatically.

The strategy and the next steps to get customers, become famous, and build a 7-figure business will become commonsense. Your business will begin to make sense for the first time. For the first time, you will experience the hope that it is possible to make your vision come true.

You have tried many things but have not achieved what you want. This time, try what I tell you to do.

I have complete confidence in this system and its ability to transform your business, status, finances, and growth.

With my expertise and guidance, I can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights of success.

Let me show you how my framework can empower your business and lead you to unparalleled success.


Step 2:


The next step is to get super customers to come to your business. Super customers are your biggest fan. They see you as God for them.

They consume every content, product, course, training, and service you offer. They give you steady business. They buy anything you suggest even if from other people.

They follow you on social media. They spend money just to talk to you or be around you. They give video reviews and promote you everywhere.

They bring you new customers.

They do much more.

In short, they are your biggest fans who contribute substantial revenue and growth to your business.

You use part of the revenue from them to run your business and another part to find and turn prospects into super customers.

This is how you achieve steady sales, revenue, following, and authority.

Look at this screenshot from my Stripe account.

My average client spends $43,308 on my business. This means some spend $200,000 and others spend $1,000. The average spending comes to $43,308.

I have had clients who paid the college fees of my ex. Another financed my property. Many have bought me luxury vacations, and so on.
Many won’t even know that they are your super fans.

You need super customers who will make your business, ego, financial, and personal dreams come true.

This is why you need to create your dream customer avatar to identify clients who will become your super customers.

You use this data to create marketing strategies, messages, and offers that bring them to you and become your super fan.

Not every customer is your super customer.

Super customers are not found hanging on trees.

You need a strategy to find, attract, and turn them into your super customers.

You will keep writing sales pages, redesigning websites, hiring experts, or copying competitors in hopes of getting business without a strategy to get super customers.

You will waste a lot of time and money without getting any results. You will become frustrated because most experts you hire, sales offers you create, and the money you spend will result in failure.

I know this because I have done it all over and over. I was the champion among failures until I made it. And this is how I made it.

I discovered the dream customer avatar to identify my super customers and shoot to the top.

It is this type of insider information that you will never find anywhere else that is needed to succeed that you will discover inside this book.

Step 3:

Create Or Improve products and services to make them go viral

Do you feel like an imposter in promoting your products or training even though you know they are great?

Do you keep wondering if people will laugh at you or complain about the quality of your product or training?


Do you feel you have great content, courses, products, training, and services, yet you are not getting the business you deserve?

Do you feel you should have gone viral by now, had a large base of paying customers, and dominated your industry? Instead, you keep wondering why your business is not growing despite clients getting great results.

Do you keep wondering how your competitors keep growing despite selling inferior products?

I experienced this frustration for a long time.

I thought my business would go viral and I would become the king of the jungle once clients started getting results from my courses and training.

It did not happen.

My clients had great success. I got a good name. But my bank accounts stayed dry.

I kept creating new offers and hiring experts to market, but nothing helped.

Your product and training are not just an information source or a tool to give to your clients.

Your products and training should turn your buyers into super fans.

It should make them continue to consume more from you. It should make them promote and bring you more customers.

Your products should also attract customers from your competitors to you.

But this won’t happen because your products and training produce superior results.

You have to embed tactics that turn your buyers into your super fans.

You have to embed viral triggers that make you famous.

In other words, you need to apply strategy to your products that will scale your business and make you a 7-figure business.

The problem is that no one told you to do this.

You focused on creating great products but never thought of your products as a sales or viral trigger.

You thought something was wrong with your products when you did not get the recognition or business you deserved.

Then came into the picture gurus who kept selling their products and services.

Yup-yup-yup. Been there – and been a victim of that.

Did you know that many gurus have never created a course or a training? Their business model is to cross-promote with other gurus. They bank on a certain amount of business and a 20% refund.

These gurus remain big because they have access to marketers who have been in the market for a long time and not because they are superior.

These gurus and their products have failed to make any impact.
These gurus have never sold a thing in their life over 2,000.

I always chuckle when they call $1,000 products to be high-end offers.

It is high-end for them because that is as much as they can charge for their crappy products.

No one will pay them more for products that make zero impact.

I do not consider anything less than $3,000 a high-end offer, and neither should you.

Stop listening to these gurus.

They can’t help you because they cannot help themselves.

Don’t trust me?

Ask them if they can sell your $3,000 programs to their list. They will either refuse or blame you for getting ZERO conversions.

Once again, I have dealt with all of them and tried all of their strategies.

Listen, you don’t need any guru or their strategies.

You are working hard to get your client results. And yes, not every client will benefit, but that is to be expected. It does not lower the value of your products or training.

What you need to do is embed super fan triggers and viral tactics so your products and training can bring you the recognition, revenue, and growth you deserve.

This is how you build a stable and lasting business that is well-respected and profitable.
This is how I became successful.

I have used products not only to drive sales but also to crush my competition.

I have used products to have my competitors promote me and acknowledge me as superior to them.

I have used products to have my competitors send business to me.

Business is a strategy. It is a game. Become a player or get out of the stadium.

In this step, I will show you how to create glorious products or training to become an industry leader with a 7-figure business and beyond.

Go through my checklist, and you will never have to worry about having a top offer.

You can confidently promote it, knowing it will benefit customers, earn you fame, bring you repeat business, score reviews, and make your business dreams a reality.

learn and apply this tactic if you are not making enough or any money from your business

Step 4:

Get Massive Sales And Substantial Revenue Instantly And Effortlessly, Even If You Are New To The Business

It is not enough to get sales you need high-value and high-volume sales. 

You require a sales funnel that attracts super customers. The typical sales funnels send customers away. This is why all that stuff you have been doing isn’t working.

Are you getting sizeable and steady sales? Are your clients buying your products and services repeatedly? Are you able to sell your premium high-value packages?

Or do you feel your list is saturated? Your sales are declining. And most importantly, you are struggling to sell premium high-priced offers.

There is a problem with your business presentation or sales model if you are struggling to get abundant business, revenue, customers, and following.

You can redesign your website, write new sales pages, run ads, conduct webinars, or give presentations – nothing will help.

You can run JV promotions, create new products, and recruit new affiliates, but it will hardly make a dent in your earnings.

You have to identify the sales triggers that appeal to your super customers and embed them into your presentations to get crushing sales.

You will get a tsunami of sales the minute you do this.

This is the only way to run a business. There is no point in getting a few sales and starving to make it big.

You will acquire substantial customers and revenue. This will put you in the league of big players.

Everyone, including your competitors, friends, and family, will recognize you for the superstar that you are because no one can ignore success.

Here is a simple test. Next time you meet a stranger, tell them what you do.

You are good to go if they ask you how much your products or training are and where they can buy from.

If they tell you this is great, they like what you do, or any other response unrelated to buying, you have a problem with your presentation.

Selling should be effortless.
You are doing it wrong if you have spent hours on calls, presentations, or webinars to get a few sales.

You are doing it wrong if you have to chase and persuade customers to buy.

You are failing to communicate value and create a connection.

You have gaps in your marketing that need to be filled.

When done right, the client will chase you. You will never have to sell.

They will make repeated purchases. They will consume premium offers without you ever asking them to buy.

Customers will form a great connection when you have the right presentation. You will know this because they will buy instantly and not wait – even if they are tight on funds.

They will inquire about premium offers and buy.

They won’t ask for discounts or negotiate.

They will be open to paying you in alternate ways. For example, they will cover your expenses, finance assets, and write you gift checks. You make such arrangements to take tax benefits. This will happen when you start selling $50,000 and over. And it will happen soon.

The key to getting abundant sales is to revamp your sales pitch, offer, pricing, marketing, and presentation.

In this section, I will share the ultimate technique to drive massive sales effortlessly and without ever trying to sell.

I will show you the formula to make customers line up to buy from you.

They will chase you to work with you, keep buying repeatedly, pay premium prices, and become your number-one fan.

This style of marketing outcompetes anything out there.

You will embed it in your live presentations, web content, sales, blog posts, emails, social media, and every other medium you use to interact with clients.

Then, sit back and say a minute-long prayer to thank me while your business generates loads of customers and money on autopilot.

I have been to events where top leaders in the industry spoke, but I was the only one who left with $23,000 approx, in cash.

The best part is I never asked anyone to buy.

Imagine talking to people, and they open up their wallets to you. This is what I am going to teach you.

You will use this pitch to acquire your first client, get repeat business, sell premium packages, become the highest-earning coach, and end up with a 7-figure expert business.

I will help you to achieve all these results.

Getting sales and new customers that pay well will never be a problem that you will need to address in your life, even if you are new and have never sold a thing in your life.

There are many more tactics that you can use to achieve your business goals

Step 5:


Once you have the foundation set for your 7-figure business, I will show you how to get your first customer, including your first high-paying client.

I will show you various sales funnels to launch your business like a pro.

I will show you how to find and get your first high-paying client.
The best part is that I will show you how to get your first high-paying client without spending a dime on ads or begging anyone for help.

I have sold $100 -$5,000 products the same day using this process. And I do not mean selling just one or two offers. I have often ended the day with $18-24,000 in sales.

You do not have to worry about pitching your offer if you are shy. I will show you how to make customers ask you to sell to them. They will raise their hands to buy from you.

You can get in the game, cover your expenses, and start on the right footing if you can even get one customer the first time you use it. I cannot guarantee the results, but with all honesty, there is a 99% chance that you will get your first high-paying client the same day. I have used it many times and have applied it to many client businesses. So, I know it works great.

You can use this sales process in person or online. You can even use them in recorded sessions, so you do not even have to be present.

You can use it to sell to people who have never heard of you before and are meeting you for the first time.

And you will crush it if you already have a list of prospects, even if this is the first time you will offer them something high value.

You can easily double, triple, or quadruple your business with this process.

I will also show you how to get repeat business so every client will be worth a lot more money.
Where else will you discover these 7-figure business-building tactics? Nowhere! I checked!

I will show you how to find and get your first high-paying client.
You will get steady business, so everyone will respect your success.

No one will laugh at you anymore and call your business a hobby.
You will be the one with the last laugh.

I will show you 5 different ways I launch a business for my high-paying clients and me.

You can use any one of these to launch and start getting customers. You can use one and keep adding more. The more strategies you implement, the more customers you will acquire.
Many experts underprice their products and training. They are scared to ask for a higher price even though that is the fair price. I will show you how to sell high-value packages without making any sales pitch.

This way, clients will never see you as a salesperson. They will trust you and open up to you when working with you.

The higher price will put more money in your pocket, which you can use to scale your business and even create more tools to help clients.

You can use the same tactics to sell high-value offers if you have not succeeded in the past.

These tactics will eliminate resistance and create a deeper connection with your prospects.

This change in their perspective will result in them buying from you at a premium price.

I will show you the easy way to start getting new customers.

My sales tactics are a game changer. They made me the highest-earning coach.

This is the easiest and the most impactful sales process you will ever get your hands on.

You will never need to ask anyone for help to get new paying customers.

You will continue using the same funnel to acquire new customers and scale your business.
You will never be without customers again.

You will never need another expert to drive sales for you.
You will build these funnels once and cash them forever.

These funnels will be more than enough to build a 7-figure business, acquire massive customers, and make a name for you in the industry.

There are many more tactics that you can use to achieve your business goals

Step 6:

GROW SALES, REVENUE, AND PROFITS To Achieve 7-figure income

Finally, I will show you my tactics to make profits and scale business.

No one will understand how you went from struggling to making money overnight.

Everyone will wonder how you multiplied your earnings overnight.

You can use these profits to scale your business, run ads, get PR, or whatever you want to do with it.

You can hire experts and build a team without paying out of pocket.

You will finally have the revenue and profits you deserve after putting in all the effort.

You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work and efforts to help people. This step will make that happen.

I will show you my formula to make profits. You can apply this to any sales funnel and make it profitable overnight.

Have you ever run ad campaigns and stopped because you were losing money?

I will show you how to turn your ad campaigns into profit. Even most ad experts cannot do this. In fact, the majority of ad experts run loss-making campaigns. I have seen ad campaigns with millions in ad budget run into losses.

This won’t happen to you.

I will show you how to increase your earnings per customer. And many other ways to scale your growth and profits.

You will end up with a money-making business as an end result.

There will be no more confusion or missing pieces. You will never have to guess or seek advice about what to do next.

For the first time, you will have a business that makes money consistently.

You will double or triple your profits if you already have steady business.

You will never need another expert. In fact, experts, competitors, friends, and family will come to you for business advice once they see you soar.

You can use these tactics to build a high-income generating business and even a 7-figure business.


Now, you have the ultimate opportunity to break free from limitations and achieve unprecedented success. Whether you choose to seize this opportunity is entirely up to you…


Backed by my 6-Month money back guarantee. You’ll love the course or I’ll give you your money back.

What You're Getting

You Will Discover

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You Could Get Results Like These

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We Are Booked For Months In Advance — Have To Turn Away Customers At Times 🙁— Even For $3,555.00-$219,500.00 Offers

Large Volume Of Sales Everyday

Sales on Demand

A Few Customers Are Enough To Make A Good Living

Automatic Sales And Bank Deposits Everyday

Customers Buy Multiple Products From Our Stores Everyday

Only 1% Dispute In 8 Years! We Don't Use Shady, Misleading Or High-Pressure Tactics

Customers Love Us And Even Send New Customers

Payments From $25,000.00 — $200,000.00

I will teach you something exceptional that no other guru can because they have never experienced this themselves.

I will show you how I sell premium packages ranging from $25,000 – $200,000. 

I will do even better. 

I will show you how to structure them so you keep a lot more money in your pocket. Transactions are structured quite differently when you operate at this level.

You do not process $25, 50, 100, or 200k through credit card processors. 

You structure them so you pay lower fees and taxes.

The savings alone from these transactions will put a lot more money in your bank.

You will discover these tactics inside

About Magic Leone

Formerly known as Manish, I embraced the name Magic upon my arrival in America.

Despite mispronunciations, I refused to adopt an identity that didn’t resonate with me.

After much soul-searching, I realized my life is truly magical, despite humble beginnings and limited education.

Even in dark times, divine intervention led me to become the highest-paid coach in dating and relationships, helping clients achieve remarkable success.

Entry Into the Field Of Marketing

In 2009, facing financial hardship, I had few job options, let alone at a gas station.

Taking a chance, I ventured into giving dating advice, despite skepticism due to my Indian heritage and accent.

Luck favored me once more, leading me to become the highest-paid coach, defying expectations.

Why Teach Marketing?

After a decade in the dating business, I sought a new challenge.

Having overcome dating and financial struggles, I found fulfillment in helping others improve their lives.

Now, I aim to empower individuals to achieve financial prosperity through marketing, leveraging my expertise to guide them.

Am I Really The Highest-Paid Coach?

While there’s no official title, industry insiders regard me as a top earner in men’s dating coaching.

I’ve successfully sold hundreds of coaching packages, ranging from $3,500 to $219,500.

My track record includes deals at $4,500, $7,500, $9,999, $12,500, $15,000, $18,000, $28,000, $48,000, and even $100,000.

This diverse range of transactions underscores my expertise in creating and selling high-value offers.

My goal is to share my blueprint and help others achieve similar success in building prosperous businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

This book contains a plan to launch and scale a successful 6-figure coaching/consulting/agency/training business.

I used this plan to become the highest-paid coach in my industry. This plan has the potential to make you famous, well-respected, and a high-earning coach.

You can use this to launch a new business or scale an existing one. You can use this to become a legend in your business that commands respect from clients, peers, and even family.

It will help you get high-paying clients without making any effort to sell.

You will build an army of super fans who consume everything you produce and promote you everywhere.

In short, this is the plan you need to build a legendary, profitable, high-status business and achieve the success you dream and deserve.

The plan will give you a step-by-step blueprint to launch or relaunch and build a profitable coaching business. You will create your first product/training/service/gig in just 1 week. The same lesson will help you create a high-value offer. You will discover my plan to get your first high-paying client by week 4 and get consistent business thereafter. This course will teach you insider secrets to building a cash-rich and a profitable business that you can be proud of.

This book is for anyone who wants start or grow their coaching/service/agency/freelance business.

You can use this plan to start a business. You can turn your idea into a profitable business. You can kickoff sales and start getting high-volume business consistently and repeatedly. You can use it to turn around your struggling business. You can use it to scale your existing business. And you can use it to help other businesses and charge a professional fee. The possibilities are unlimited.

The plan will help you get high-volume business consistently. It includes 2 books, 1 template, and 3 video courses to help you build a top-earning business.

This is part of the business strategy. I want my book to get into as many hands as possible. This will help me become popular and get additional business. I make my money consulting and building businesses for other entrepreneurs. Many will read this book and would want me to help them. Plus, I will present other valuable resources to you which will get me additional revenue. Bottom line, I am not doing you any favors or operating at a loss. You get the best possible business plan for cheap, and I get more business from you directly or when you tell others about me. This strategy is a win-win for both of us.

I think so. There is no official database to compare the remuneration of other coaches. However, I know most of the big coaches in my industry. We all agree in general that the payments I have received in my business are top tier and no one we know has earned similar figures. Whether I am the highest-paid coach or not, $3,555.000-$200,000.00 is still a pretty substantial payment to receive.

We run profitable ads ourselves. There is a good chance you found this page through one of our ads. In fact, we have an A1 Ad strategy that we use for our business and to help our clients. Once you get this book, you will have a chance to get our top ad strategies for Facebook, Google, And YouTube Ads.

The plan works for all kinds of businesses. I have used it to help retail stores, plumbers, coaches, consultants, lawyers, doctors, startups, gurus, manufacturing units, E-commerce stores, clothing stores, gymnasium, matchmakers, accountants, car dealers, agencies, consultants, freelancers, restaurants, affiliate marketers, nonprofits, yoga retreats, fitness instructors, filmmakers, and any other kind of business you can imagine.

No one can guarantee how quickly the plan will work for you. It all depends on your business, experience, execution, and various other factors. In general, the plan has strategies that can start getting you sales from day-1 and bring in revenue rapidly. But how it will work for your business depends on a lot of additional factors and therefore I cannot predict how soon it will work for you.

It is impossible to guarantee any results. Your results will depend on your business, experience, and execution. Business involves some risk and experimentation. You can do everything right and still get zero results. This plan is loaded with time-tested tactics of top marketers and brands. It has worked for them, so they should work for you. But I cannot promise you a single result. I am being honest because I do not like to lie or bullshit to get business. I am giving you 6 months to test it and get your money back if you do not get results. You do not have to fill out any forms or show effort. Simply send us an email and we will refund you. You can get the money back to your credit card within the first 60 days after which you will be issued the payment in the form of a check. If this is not ok with you, do not buy.

I want you to take your time and not rush through the book. I want you to study it, apply it to your business, and experience great results on your timeline. And so you have 6 months to test it and get your money back. You do not have to fill out any forms or show effort. Simply send us an email and we will refund you. We will refund your credit card within the first 60 days after which you will be issued a check because credit card companies do not allow refunds past 60-days.

If you still have questions, send an email to,, or call us at 1‪-352-403-1081‬.

Get Instant Access To The A1 Coaching Plan And FREE Bonuses

This book will give you the blueprint to start or grow a coaching/consulting/agency/freelance business. Follow this plan to build a cash-rich and profitable company even if you have zero experience.

Identify your customers in depth so you can create marketing and services that sell. Discover where to find them, how to market to them, and how to sell them high-value offers.

Discover my 2 sales funnels that bring in big money automatically. These funnels made me the highest-paid coach. Apply them to your business to earn big money consistently and effortlessly.

Discover my blueprint to turn your idea into a high-selling product. You can use this step to create or improve your existing product. It will help create unique, high-selling, high-priced courses, training, and services.

Discover my blueprint to make your sales campaigns and businesses profitable. In this video, I will show you practical math and the steps to make a profit from any campaign.

Unlock a treasury of evergreen sales campaigns that generate revenue consistently. Themore campaigns you create, the more sales you’ll secure. 

Learn how to create a top-level product or improve your existing product so you feel confident and not an imposter. You can build a digital course, training, service, or any other offer using this plan in just one week.

Product Creation - 2 Hours And 07 Minutes

Learn how to create a top-level product or improve your existing product so you feel confident and not an imposter. You can build a digital course, training, service, or any other offer using this plan in just one week.

My Ultimate NO RISK To You Offer

Try The A1 Coaching Plan for 6 months risk-free. If they fail to meet your expectations or multiply your sales and revenue as promised, simply send me an email, and I’ll refund every penny without questions asked. In the worst case scenario, you get your money back in full. In the best case scenario, you become my next success story, having grown your revenue and built a massive business.

Magic Leone

To recap, here’s what you’ll get:

Discover the step-by-step blueprint to build a 7-figure coaching/consulting/training business from scratch. I used this blueprint and became the highest-paid coach in my industry.

You can use this plan to build a high-income generating and even a 7-figure coaching, consulting, training, freelance, or any other expert business. This plan works for coaches, consultants, trainers, influencers, freelancers, agencies, service providers, experts, and all thought leaders.

Acquire countless high-paying super fans who consume everything you produce and promote you, even if you are new and struggling to make your mark.

You will never struggle to sell products, training, or services because they will be hungry to benefit from you. These customers will bring you steady business and make you famous. You will finally have the customer base and following of a big guru.

You will sell out events with hundreds of attendees who want to see you in person. You will arrive at the center of the stage after achieving this mile marker.

Discover And use my product and training checklist to create new courses or improve the ones you already have. This will ensure your products, courses, training, and services are top-grade.

You can promote them confidently and not feel like an imposter. You will also discover the tactics that make your products go viral. Every customer will praise your products and send you new buyers. You will not have the guru business that spreads like fire and turns you into a messiah within your industry.

Launch Your Business And Acquire High-Paying Clients In 3-5 Days Without Spending A Penny On Ads.

Unlike other gurus, I only consider offers over $3,000 to be high-value. You can sell anything from $97 to $10,000 using this process.

You can sell digital products, courses, training, services, or physical products.

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